The most famous Biryanis in India that you should taste at least once in your lifetime

You may be from any part of India or the world and want to settle down your hunger with any of the top five Indian delicacies; Biryani would be on your list for sure. Biryanis are so popular today that every restaurant in India has to keep this item in their menus. The demand for this royal delicacy has grown over the time.

Biryanis have also taken a long journey since ages, and today the food chains are adding different flavors and region specific flavor to their biryanis. Mughals were credited to introduce this delicacy in India, and this was the reason it ws mostly flourished in the Muslim powered regions in the past such as Lucknow, Hyderabad, Delhi, Aurangabad, Mysore, etc. Later, embraced and relished by the people of all the section of society, irrespective of religion. Mostly, there were two power centers for this dish, North India, and South India. South Indian Biryani has little different ingredient, flavor, and taste from North Indian Biryani. South Indian Biryani, especially Hyderabadi Biryani has its legacy over the others, which itself boast over 30 different versions of it.

Biryanis are classified mainly into two categories -Pakki and Katcchi. Pakki Biryani consists of half-cooked rice with meat and further cooked. The Katcchi Biryani consists of raw mutton spiced up and soaked in yogurt and cooked with rice which remains uncooked before the process. Since we have various variety and flavors for this delicacy in the market, we should try each type once in our lifetime. Let’s find out which are most lip-smacking Biryanis in India, that we shouldn’t give a miss.



Hyderabadi Biryani, of course, tops the list due to its legacy in making it and taste that you can’t match across the world. The places that you must head out at, to taste some of the magnificent Biryanis in the city are Paradise and Bawarchi, which has multiple outlets across the city. Other major destinations include hotel Alfa near Secunderabad Railway Station, Hotel Shadab near Charminar, which is also one of the oldest hotel in the city.




Lucknowi Biryani, also popularly known as Awadh Biryani, is second in the list, due to reason that Lucknow was another Moghul power center where this cuisine is regular. The Lucknowi Biryani has its own audience, who never misses to hang out at local Biryani corners. In the lanes of Chowpattian Chowk in Lucknow, you can find the most popular destination for the foodies is Lalla’s Biryani, this place can give you the taste to remember. Wahid Biryani at Aminabad market in Lucknow is another destination where you can relish this Lucknowi cuisine.



Malabar Biriyani, also known as Thalassery biryani, is a Signature dish from Kozhikode in Kerela. The specialty of this Biryani is that it is made up of rice named Khyma or Jeerakasala -small-grained thin (not round) fragrant variety of rice along with the Chicken and numerous spices amalgamated. Malabar Biryani is a Pakki Biryani, unlike Hyderabadi Biryani which is Kacchi Biryani. The most loved place to be visited to relish this dish is Paragon Restaurant, which is active since 1939 and popular for its seafood curries and dishes. Other major destinations include Dawn Restaurant, Mezban, and Hotel Sagar to name a few.



Calcutta Biryani or Kolkata Biryani is the lighter version of other spicy Biryanis. Yellow in color, with flavored with mild spices and stuffed with potato as an essential ingredient. Juicy meat mixed with rice and garnished with boiled eggs.



Dindigul Biriyani, an infamous Biryani of Chennai is one of its kind. By looks you can say it may be a less spicy, instead of red chili powder, black pepper is used for seasoning. With a particular type of rice – seeraga samba or Parakkum sittu is used in Dindigul biryani absorbs which all the flavors of the ingredients and perfectly blended with juicy meat. The most favoured destination to taste Dindigul Biryani is Dindigul Thalapakatti Restaurant, which founded in 1957 by Nagasamy Naidu as the Anandha Vilas Biriyani Hotel. Another notable name is Venu Biriyani Restaurant at Dindigul in Tamil Nadu.



Sindhi Biryani is curated with a pure amalgamation of green mint, chilies, and coriander along with other spices. Rice with Goat meat and thick curry, Sindhi Biryani is beautifully seasoned with dry fruits, nuts, and onion rings. It is served with raita and salad. This dish has its roots in Sindh province of Pakistan and in-fact served in almost all Pakistan airlines. You can find the mouth watering delicacy in Delhi; notable restaurants were Delhi 6 and Zaffran.



Bombay Biryani is prepared with meat mixed amalgamated with spices similar to other Biryanis with adding coriander mint, plums, lemon juice and most importantly, the kewra juice. Also, contained in this dish are the fried potatoes. Available in most of the restaurants and hotel in Mumbai.



Bhatkali Biryani is mostly popular on the coastal lines of Karnataka. Its distinct color can even make you think if it’s even a Biryani or not. Made up of mutton, fish, chicken and shrimp, mixed with rice and spices. Except in coastal Karnataka, you may find it difficult to find any great place to try this dish.

With different ethnicity and cultures of our country, most of the dishes are available with different names and flavors at some other part of the country. There may be many more, that I am sure I must be missing, but most loved ones are covered. For any critical misses, please help with mentioning the same in the comments section for the benefit of other Biryani lovers, we will add the same into this list.



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