Delicacies of Bhopal that shouldn’t be missed when at the City of Lakes

Bhopal on a National and International communities, mostly famous for Gas Tragedy. Even in south people recall Bhopal with Gas Tragedy which they have learned in books, some even find it difficult to recognize it as the Capital of MP, it’s a fact. Apart from the international disaster, the city has some notable monuments for which it is famous like Taj-ul-Masajid, world heritage site Sanchi Stupa, Bharat Bhavan, BhimBetka, etc. But when it comes to food, people scratch their heads and then unanimously arrive at Poha-Jalebi, the infamous snacks of Bhopal.

Poha Jalebi is a popular and most loved breakfast for all who belongs to or stayed in Bhopal at some point of time, be it for studies or work. Bhopalis who are away from the city, I am sure must be missing the taste of local Poha Jalebi, especially, the engineering students, who completed their courses and moved out. Kiosks in the morning at the streets calls you to taste it, be it at famous Raju Tea Stall, Nadra Bus Stand, Railway station in the bustling old city to MP Nagar, Indrapuri, Arera Colony in new Bhopal. It is served in all leading hotels as breakfasts, moreover, some companies like Uber provided once it as an offer for customers with morning rides.

Chole-Bhature, at New Market, which has 3-4 shops serving the famous Delhi delicacy is one that most love to give a visit. Manohar Dairy’s Chole Bhature were also popular in the affluent groups. It’s also a very common dish that almost you can find it any random restaurant and hotels in Bhopal.

Sandwiches and Burgers are also the food that netizens of the city love to try now and then. Besides, global players like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, etc., the local players are also dominant and has mass share in the pie, which primarily includes chains like Sagar Gaire and Vishnu Fast food, who carved out their names in this space.

Biryani, as such is not that popular as of Hyderabad’s, but people started trying out Biryanis with a more growing popularity of Hyderabadi Biryani. Lazeez Hakeem and Zamzam are the only few popular names in this group, along with their non-veg specials. Old cities have many small kiosks serving it, but none is recognized so far. For non-veg delicacies, Veera di Hatti for Afghani Chicken, Zameel hotel are quite known among foodies.

Kebabs, another mouth watering delicacy of the Nawabi city, which you may not want to miss out if you are a non-vegetarian. In the evening, the streets of old city lanes, especially Chatori Gali, the aroma of various kebabs at tiny shops, would lure you. Bade ka kebab (spiced up and cooked on coals) at Jhili Miyaan in the Chatori Gali is popular, Hotel Gazala and Hotel Jameel in Ibrahimpura are another destinations for Kebab lovers.

Lassi, though a Punjabi drink, but it is also loved a lot by Bhopalis. Ghamandi Lassi at MP Nagar, Haji Lassiwala at Itwara Chowk in old Bhopal, fruit shops at New Market and Ghoda Nakkas have few known lassi shops. In old Bhopal, a dessert drink Faluda is also popular during summer.

Paan. Off course any meal doesn’t complete with a dessert if you do it royally. Paan (beetle leaf), which has digestive properties too, is a dessert which is something in our culture, and don’t forget Bhopal is city of Nawabs. Therefore, Paan is a famous dessert in the city, commonly referred to as- Bhopali Paan. The best you can taste in the old city near any popular food hubs.

In case you are not interested in above, I have few more suggestions for trying regular at best food chains of the city. Restaurants who have marked their names in the food fraternity includes New Inn and Bapu ki kutia at New Market; Ranjit Lake view, and Wind and Waves at Shymla Hills; Milan, Greek Food and Beyond, Pind Balluchi at MP Nagar; Amer Bakery Hut in Bittan and Amer Greens at Hoshangabad Road.

Most of the food chains runs offers regularly, that can also be tried to save some bucks when going for hangouts there or while ordering the food online. You can find the regular food offers here by leading food chains in Bhopal.

Mostly, I have covered all the popular delicacies of Bhopal along with their destinations to head out at. Let us know if we missed any great delicacies of Bhopal.


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