Opening a Deal Store

Businesses irrespective of their operating industry, looking to expand their reach among the customers are invited to open a store on eRamuKaka. Sign-up as a store with providing requested information and your are done. Start posting your offers, customers will search your offers and reach out to you to get the same.

Why should I open a store?

eRamuKaka connects the deal hunting shoppers with the shops. eRamuKaka gives more visibility to local and hyper local stores, with an opportunity to create huge subscribers base for them. Stores with most subscribers will always on top of the list, achieving more visibility on the platform as well as on the web, with great offers in hand, enabling more traffic leading sales. In a nutshell;
  1. Connect with your actual customers who are genuinely interested in you because they value your offerings
  2. Stay connected with your customer, your updates are real-time and just a click away from them
  3. Build you subscriber base and run exclusive offers for them, make it large. More subscribers means more business. Also, stay on top among all the stores
  4. Create dynamic offers to retain your customers
  5. eRamuKaka is a Social Platform, creating and posting is absolutely free.

How to Open a Deal Store


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