Where should I find the offers from any store?

Search your loved store at home page search bar with full store name and the store will appear. Click on it and get the list of exclusive offers for subscribers by the store.


I can see the offers what should I do now?

Subscribe the store, in case you have not yet subscribed. Go to the store location and ask for their offer you have seen on eRamuKaka. Store will check for your subscription and get you the offer. Enjoy savings!!

Please check the terms & conditions of the offer carefully before going to the store, including offer duration and min-max order limits.


What if  Store denies the offer they have provided on their eRamuKaka profile?

eRamuKaka is the social platform, where businesses (referred to as Stores) lists their exclusive subscriber offers with terms & conditions. eRamuKaka has no control on the offer terms provided by any stores. If stores deny the offer to customer inspite of following the offer terms, a subscriber can give his/her review for store, and referring to the incident. With continuous bad reviews, the store may lose the account on eRamuKaka.com.


Where should I share my experience about the offer?

You can provide your comments in the comments section, below the offer on offer page. Share your experience good or bad, so that it will be helpful for others users too. You can also rate stores on the top of the store page.


Can I message a store regarding my query about the offer?

Yes, if you have any query on the offer listed by a store, you can send a private message to the store with your query. Go to the offer page and click on the user profile who have posted the offer (just below the offer title on the top). And click on the “Private Message” tab, compose and send the message. This message will not visible to other users.


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